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Description of Apartment Vlasska 7

1 bedroom January € 50 / night 2 guests a 0 a 0 a 1

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Vlasska 7 is another wonderful 16th century house located just across the street from our companion apartments in Vlasska 8. If our flats are all booked up in Vlasska 8 or you have a large party and want to stay close together, this apartment is an excellent option.

Like most of the old houses in Mala Strana this building features a charming door onto the street and a wonderful balcony which looks into the interior courtyard. A winding wooden staircase leads up to the second floor where our apartment is.

Being a corner apartment, the sun shines directly into the bedroom from Vlasska Street in the evenings. And from the bedroom window there´s a great view of the winding, cobbled Mala Strana streets which, when there are no cars around, makes you feel as if you were back in ancient Prague! This is truly a nice place to stay for one or two people.

We have put two antique single beds with matching night tables in the bedroom along with a lovely dresser and a beautiful mirror. The hardwood floors reflect the sun, lighting up the place with a golden glow during the day. If it should become too hot, however (a rarity in Prague) you can close the drapes and let the thick, 16th-century walls do the rest.

In the kitchen we have put in an ancient table and two antique chairs. Should you get tired of dining at one of Prague´s endless restaurants and want to spend a quiet night in, the kitchen is perfect for whipping up a plate of pasta.

There´s also a modern bathroom with a shower and plenty of hot water. We really like this place, we think it´s cozy and romantic and we hope it will help make your vacation or time in Prague extra special.

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January 2019
Seasons and rates
1. January€ 50
2. February€ 50
3. March€ 60
3..Easter 2019€ 120
4. April€ 70
5. May€ 80
6. June€ 80
7. July€ 70
8. August€ 65
9. September€ 80
X. October€ 70
XI. November.€ 60
XII. _December€ 55
XII. Christmas Holidays€ 99
XII. New Year's Holiday€ 150

Family discount: 5% off for each child (max.15%)

Now ALL of our Prague Apartments feature free WiFi internet access! Now ALL of our Prague Apartments feature free WiFi internet access!

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